Ouzo and Tsipouro

In the sun-kissed land of Greece, where the sea breeze carries whispers of mythology, two spirits are central to the rich tapestry of Greek drinks - Ouzo and Tsipouro. Join us on a spirited journey through the origins, craft secrets and symphony of flavours that make these drinks an integral part of Greek conviviality.

Ouzo: the art of anise revealed

Origin: Born on the sun-kissed shores of the Aegean, Ouzo is the drink of the gods. Its roots go back to the monasteries of Mount Athos, where monks first distilled it for medicinal purposes.
How is it made? The magic of Ouzo lies in the distillation process. A clear liquor, made mainly from grape must or spirits, dances with anise, fennel and other herbal ingredients. The result is a drink that turns milky white when mixed with water, an enchanting alchemy known as the "ouzo effect".

Variations: Ouzo, like a maestro composing a symphony, has variations between regions and distilleries. Some are more aniseed-like, while others have subtle spicy notes. Popular brands include Barbayanni, Ouzo 12 and Plomari.
How do you enjoy it? Ouzo is more than a drink; it is an experience. Pour it over ice or mix it with cold water and watch the transformation. Pair it with mezedes (appetisers) such as olives, feta and grilled octopus for a typical Greek feast.

Tsipouro: The Elixir of Dionysos

Origin: Tsipouro, a spirit reflecting the traditions of grape growing, originated in the vineyards of Thessaly. Initially a by-product of viticulture, it developed into a drink cherished throughout Greece.
How is it made? Tsipouro is made from the waste left over after pressing the wine and undergoes a double distillation process. The result is a robust and clear drink that captures the essence of Greek vineyards.

Variations: Tsipouro is available in several varieties, from unripened to barrel-aged. Some craft distilleries infuse it with herbs, creating aromatic versions that enhance the tasting experience.
How to enjoy: Embrace the cosiness of Tsipouro by drinking it pure, allowing its warmth to unfold. Pair it with a meze platter of meats, cheeses and pickled vegetables for a feast that Dionysus would approve of.
The Greek ritual: Meze and animated conversations
In Greece, the enjoyment of Ouzo and Tsipouro is inseparable from the meze ritual. Imagine a sun-drenched taverna overlooking the Aegean Sea, where friends gather to laugh, have animated conversations and share delectable mezedes.

Conclusion: Boost your moments with Greek drinks

Let every sip on this journey through the world of Ouzo and Tsipouro be a celebration of Greek craftsmanship and conviviality. Now you can bring these timeless spirits to your table through our Greek webshop. Elevate your moments, toast tradition and enjoy the symphony of Greek flavours.
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