Loux: A sip of tradition!

In the heart of Greece, where history and tradition are intertwined, there is one name that echoes through the decades - Loux. More than a beverage company, Loux is a testament to the timeless art of making refreshments that capture the essence of Greek culture. From the azure shores of the Aegean to sun-drenched orchards, every bottle of Loux carries the stories of a land rich in flavour and tradition.

A journey through time:

Loux's story begins in the 1950s, a chapter marked by dedication to quality and the preservation of authentic Greek recipes. For generations, Loux has been on Greek tables, accompanying festive moments, shared laughter and the simple pleasures of life. Today, it symbolises Greek identity, a flavour that resonates through time.

The soft drink renaissance:

Loux is more than just soft drinks; it is a revival of tradition. Made with a mix of modern innovation and time-honoured recipes, these soft drinks are a celebration of natural flavours. From the citrus fruits to the sweet fruits growing under the Greek sun, every sip is a journey through the orchards that make Greece a paradise for taste lovers.

Healthy refreshment, Greek-style:

Loux stands out not only for its taste, but also for its commitment to health. In a world where the term "healthy" can be elusive, Loux soft drinks are a beacon of transparency. Free of artificial additives and preservatives, Loux drinks are a testament to the philosophy that good things come from nature.

The secret is in the ingredients - hand-picked fruit, pure water and a touch of Greek sunshine. Loux soft drinks are made with the utmost care, so each bottle contains the wholesome goodness Mother Nature intended. Whether you sip on a classic orange soda or enjoy the unique flavours of a traditional Greek lemonade, you are not just enjoying a drink; you are nourishing your body with the gifts of Greece.

Discover the Loux range:

  • Loux Orange: A symphony of citrus fruits that tantalises the taste buds. Loux Orange is a classic that never goes out of style.
  • Loux Lemonade: The tangy allure of Greek lemons is at the heart of this refreshing drink, with a balance between sour and sweet.
  • Loux Sour Cherry: A summer burst captured in a bottle, Loux Sour Cherry is a delicious dance of flavours that takes you to sun-drenched orchards.
  • Loux Cola: An ode to the widely loved cola, Loux's version combines familiarity with a distinctly Greek twist.

Loux at your fingertips:

We understand the desire for a sip of Greece, wherever you are. That's why we bring Loux directly to you. Explore our online shop, where you can order the full range of Loux soft drinks and bring the taste of Greece to your home.

Loux is not just a drink; it is a heritage in a bottle. When you uncork the essence of Greece with Loux, remember that you are not simply enjoying a soft drink; you are experiencing the legacy of a brand that has defined Greek refreshments for generations. Here's to shared moments, memories and the timeless taste of Loux.

Treat yourself to the taste of Greece. Order Loux today.


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