Lantides Winery: Ode to elegance and tradition

In the heart of Greece's Nemea region, where sun-drenched vineyards embrace the Agiorgitiko grape, lies a winery that transcends time. Lantides Winery, a name etched into the tapestry of Greek viticulture, is not just another vineyard; it is an ode to elegance and tradition. Join us on a journey through the sun-drenched hills and discover why Lantides wines are more than a sip - they are an experience.

A heritage in every vine:

The story of Lantides Winery begins with the Lantides family, stewards of the land and custodians of a winemaking heritage that has been passed down for generations. With roots anchored in the fertile soil of Nemea, the family has cultivated an understanding of the Agiorgitiko grape that goes beyond the scientific - it is a knowledge born from an intimate connection with the land.

The terroir: Nemea's gift to the grape:

Nemea, with its unique climate and soil composition, gives the Agiorgitiko grape a canvas on which it paints masterpieces. The terroir gives the Lantides wines a distinct character - a harmonious balance of sun-ripened fruit, earthy undertones and a hint of Aegean breeze.

Lantides wines revealed:

Ergo Nemea Red: A flagship red wine that embodies the essence of Nemea. A celebration of Agiorgitiko's versatility, Ergo Nemea offers a symphony of red fruit flavours and a hint of spice.
Little Ark Red: Little Ark is a testament to precision winemaking. With a careful blend of grape varieties, this wine unfolds with layers of dark fruit and a subtle hint of oak, creating a wine that is both nuanced and bold.
Cuvee Red: Cuvee Red is a dance of flavours, a red blend that reflects the richness of the terroir. With its velvety texture and complex profile, it is a treat for the senses.

Why choose Lantides Wines?

1 - Heritage and tradition:

Lantides Winery does not just produce wines, they create stories in every bottle. With a heritage steeped in tradition, every sip is a journey through time, a communion with the essence of Greek winemaking.
2 - Mastery in Agiorgitiko:

The Lantides family's mastery of the Agiorgitiko grape is second to none. The wines reflect not only the grape's potential, but also the family's dedication to bring out the best qualities.
3 - Terroir-driven excellence:

The terroir of Nemea is not just a backdrop; it is a protagonist in the Lantides wines. The wines bear the stamp of the land and offer an authentic taste of the Greek landscape.
Versatility in every bottle:

From the bold Ergo Nemea to the nuanced Little Ark to the dance of flavours in Cuvee Red, Lantides wines offer a spectrum of choices for every taste and occasion.

Lantides at your home!

Why choose Lantides? Because with every sip you taste not only wine, but also the passion of a family, the sun-drenched hills of Nemea and the soul of Greek winemaking. Visit our online shop and bring the elegance and tradition of Lantides wines to your table. Elevate your moments - choose Lantides.

Indulge in the essence of Nemea. Try Lantides wines today.

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