Our 15 best Greek wines for 2023

As the year unfolds its chapters, we are delighted to present the highlight of our wine journey - the 15 Best Wines for 2023. This exquisite selection is not just the result of expert opinion; it is a testament to the passion of our team, the discerning palates of our customers and the vibrant tapestry woven during public tastings and wine fairs. Each bottle, carefully chosen, is an invitation to enjoy the rich stories of Greek winemaking. Without further ado, let us uncork the stories in each bottle.

1. Alpha Estate Malagouzia, 750 ml

Link: Alpha Estate Malagouzia

Our selection begins with the Alpha Estate Malagouzia, a celebration of the finesse of the Malagouzia grape. This white wine is a dance of flowers and citrus, a perfect companion for festive gatherings and intimate celebrations.

2. Ktima Alpha Estate - Axia Red

Link: Ktima Alpha Estate - Axia Red

Axia Red, a creation of Ktima Alpha Estate, is a red blend that beckons with layers of dark fruit and a hint of spice. It is the epitome of Greek terroir, bottled for moments of joy.

3. Lantides Ergo Nemea Red

Link: Lantides Ergo Nemea Red

The Lantides Ergo Nemea Red comes from the iconic Nemea region and is a robust red wine with the lively character of Agiorgitiko grapes. Ideal for hearty winter feasts.

4. Lantides Little Ark Red

Link: Lantides Little Ark Red

Little Ark Red, another gem from Lantides, is a testament to precision winemaking. With a harmonious blend of fruit and subtle oak, it is a journey in every sip.

5. Ktima Alpha Estate - Xinomavro Reserve Vieilles Vignes

Link: Ktima Alpha Estate - Xinomavro Reserve Vieilles Vignes

This Xinomavro Reserve, made from old vines, is a masterpiece from Ktima Alpha Estate. It unfolds with layers of complexity - a true collector's choice.

6. Nestor Fileri White

Link: Nestor Fileri White

Nestor Fileri White is a symphony of indigenous Greek varieties. With its crisp acidity and floral aromas, it is a refreshing choice for moments of pure enjoyment.

7. Tselepos Mantinia

Link: Tselepos Mantinia

Tselepos Mantinia, a white wine from the Peloponnese, is a revelation of Moschofilero grapes. Its aromatic profile and lively character make it a versatile delight.

8. Ktima Alpha Estate - Rose Xinomavro hedgehog

Link: Ktima Alpha Estate - rosé Xinomavro hedgehog

The Rose Xinomavro Hedgehog from Ktima Alpha Estate is pink-tinged poetry. With its dry and lively character, it is a toast to joyous occasions.

9. Papaioannou Old vines

Link: Papaioannou Old vines

Old Vines from Papaioannou is a red wine that speaks of being embraced by time. Aged to perfection, it reveals a rich tapestry of flavours - a real choice for connoisseurs.

10. Nestor Pylós Chardonnay

Link: Nestor Pylós Chardonnay

Pylós Chardonnay, a creation of Nestor, is a white wine that pairs elegance with depth. Its buttery texture and tropical notes make it a delicious choice.

11. Lantidis Cuvee red

Link: Lantidis Cuvee Red

Cuvee Red by Lantidis is a red blend that exemplifies the art of blending. With its velvety texture and complex flavour profile, it is a luxurious choice.

12. Papaioannou Assyrtiko matured

Link: Papaioannou Assyrtiko

Papaioannou Assyrtiko, a white wine from Santorini's volcanic soil, captures the essence of the Aegean. Its mineral character and citrusy freshness pay homage to the island's breeze.

13. Papaioannou Cava Cabernet Sauvignon

Link: Papaioannou Cava Cabernet Sauvignon

Papaioannou's Cava Cabernet Sauvignon is a red sparkling wine that defies expectations. With its effervescence and powerful fruitiness, it is a feast in every bubble.

14. Papaioannou Terroir

Link: Papaioannou Terroir

Terroir by Papaioannou is a red wine that reflects the story of the land. With its deep complexity and well-integrated tannins, it is a true reflection of Greek winemaking mastery.

15. Tselepos Santorini

Link: Tselepos Santorini

Our selection ends with Tselepos Santorini, a white wine that reflects the essence of the island. With its crisp acidity and volcanic minerality, it is a trip to the sun-drenched Aegean Sea.

In each bottle, we present not just any wine, but an invitation to enjoy the craftsmanship, tradition and innovation woven into the fabric of Greek winemaking. These wines, carefully chosen for their exceptional quality, are not just drinks; they are companions to joyous moments, wonderful gifts for your loved ones and the perfect accompaniment to your winter celebrations. As you explore this collection, we invite you to discover the stories inside each bottle and raise a glass to the elegance of Greek wines. Cheers to a year full of delicious sips and unforgettable memories!

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