Greek New Year traditions

The transition to a new year is a time of hope, new beginnings and joyful customs. In Greece, the arrival of the new year is marked with unique traditions, with pomegranates and Vasilopita playing an important role. In this blog, we explore these heartwarming Greek New Year traditions and the delicious dishes that go with them.

Breaking pomegranates: Seeds of happiness

When the clock strikes midnight on New Year's Eve, many Greeks follow the tradition of smashing pomegranates in front of their door. The burst of ruby red seeds symbolises good luck, prosperity and an abundant year. Pomegranates have long been associated with abundance and fertility in Greek folklore, making them a regular part of New Year celebrations.

Vasilopita: A sweet start to the year

Vasilopita, a sweet bread or cake, holds a special place in Greek New Year traditions. It is baked with a hidden coin or gem inside and served on New Year's Day. The person who discovers the hidden treasure is said to receive good luck and blessings for the year. Vasilopita is not just a treat; it is a symbol of unity and the hope for good luck in the coming year.

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New Year's celebration: A table of plenty

New Year's Day in Greece is a time for festive gatherings and a sumptuous feast. Families and friends gather to celebrate the arrival of the new year with joy and camaraderie. Traditional dishes such as lamb, roast pork and a variety of appetisers, including olives, feta and freshly baked bread, adorn the table. These culinary delights are a reminder of the abundance and warmth that the new year promises.

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The first footstep: Cautiously into the new year

A charming Greek custom on New Year's Day is the "first footstep". It is believed that the first person to enter a house after midnight brings good luck and blessings for the year. To ensure good luck, this person is often chosen for their positive and kind qualities. They carry gifts, such as a pomegranate or a piece of Vasilopita, as a symbol of wishing for abundance and sweetness in the coming year.

Greek New Year traditions, steeped in symbolism and goodwill, offer a wonderful way to welcome new beginnings. From bursting pomegranates to delectable Vasilopita and sumptuous New Year celebrations, Greek customs are an invitation to embrace the coming year with hope, unity and abundance. As you celebrate this special time, consider the authentic Greek products available at to boost your New Year traditions.

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