Greek winter food: dishes for cold days

When winter grips Greece, the country's rich culinary tradition takes centre stage. Greek winter cuisine is a comforting tapestry of hearty dishes that not only warm the body but also nourish the soul. In this blog, we dive into the world of Greek winter cuisine and explore the delicious and soul-satisfying dishes that bring families and friends together during the coldest months.

Feasting on Greek winter feast: Roast Lamb or Pork

A Greek winter festival is not complete without a succulent roast lamb or pig as a centrepiece. The tradition of roasting meat during winter has deep roots in Greek culture. The aroma of a slow-cooked lamb or pork, seasoned with aromatic herbs and spices, fills the air and creates a sense of warmth and anticipation. This custom symbolises the sacrificial lamb and has religious and historical significance.

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Stuffed turkey or chicken: A modern twist

In urban areas and among many Greek families, roast turkey or stuffed chicken has become a popular choice during the winter holidays. These dishes give a modern twist to Greek winter cuisine, combining tradition with contemporary flavours. The turkey or chicken is prepared with a delectable stuffing of rice, herbs and spices, a burst of flavour in every bite. It is a favourite choice for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Moussaka: A heartwarming oven dish

Moussaka, the quintessential Greek casserole, is a comforting and heartwarming winter dish. Layers of sliced aubergines, seasoned ground meat and creamy béchamel sauce come together to create a dish that is both indulgent and satisfying. The rich flavours and textures of moussaka make it a popular choice for family gatherings and holiday parties during the colder months.

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Link to the recipe for moussaka

Avgolemono: The Greek chicken soup for the soul

Avgolemono, a classic Greek chicken soup, is a staple of the winter season. This soup is a soul-warming elixir, made with chicken, rice or orzo, and thickened with a mixture of egg and lemon juice. The result is a bowl of creamy, lemony comfort that is perfect for warding off the winter chill. Avgolemono is often served during illness, as it is believed to have healing properties.

Greek comfort food in winter is more than just food; it is a celebration of tradition, taste and togetherness. From roast lamb to moussaka and Avgolemono, these hearty dishes offer a taste of Greece's rich culinary heritage. As the snow falls and the wind howls, these comforting meals offer warmth, not only for the body but also for the soul, and remind us of the enduring charms of Greek cuisine.

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