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This summer set includes:

Messinian Spa High Factor Sunscreen SPF30, 250 ml

Are you looking for: A sunscreen with SPF 30 in an easy spray, for the best protection? A sunscreen with a pleasant aroma, but without irritants? The highest protection at a low price?

Then natural sunscreen spray SPF 30 is the sunscreen you need. This natural sunscreen spray protects, moisturises and tones the skin even during the hottest hours of the day. With this sunscreen spray, you are therefore not only protected against UV rays, but premature skin ageing is counteracted by the intensely moisturising ingredients. This counteracts fine lines and evens out skin texture. This anti-ageing sunscreen also has the following properties: The sunburn regenerates sun-exposed skin; The moisturising properties reduce skin ageing caused by sun exposure and fill in fine lines; The high protection factor does not leave a white haze, but ensures a radiant and even skin texture. Application: Shake the natural sunscreen spray well before use. Spray evenly over the entire body and then spread out. Repeat every two hours, but more often after swimming, sweating or dabbing.

Messinian Spa Shower Gel with Aloe Vera, 300 ml

Now enjoy radiant, silky and richly hydrated skin every day with our natural shower gel with fresh aloe vera from Messinian Spa Natural Cosmetics. The shower gels are enriched with the world's best olive oil; the DPO-certified Kalamata olive oil. In this area in the Peloponnese, in the district of Messinian, grow the fruits that are pressed and processed in the cosmetics immediately after harvesting. Therefore all Messinian Spa cosmetics are as pure as possible and you will find the delicious extra virgin Kalamata olive oil in every product.  Enjoy the refreshing hydration of coconut extract, hemp and cucumber in addition to the Kalamata olive oil. This is how you nourish, care for, moisturise and soothe troubled, sensitive skin. For a great, satin-soft touch and ultimate refreshment and hydration.

Messinian Spa Natural Aloe Vera Gel, 100 ml

Are you looking for a natural aloe vera gel that: Soothe and cool the damaged skin immediately? Repairs and strengthens the skin? Restores radiance and silkiness to the skin?

Then natural aloe vera gel with panthenol and soothing vitamins is the product you need. Natural aloe vera has been known for years as the plant that puts an end to irritation, itching and burning skin. Its ultra-cooling elements have a moisture-binding function, which promotes wound healing and helps the skin to start healing immediately. Use the aloe vera gel with extra panthenol, for example, immediately after sunbathing, epilating or shaving. For extra cooling, the natural aloe vera gel by Messinian Spa Natural Cosmetics can also be kept in the fridge.

Messinian Spa Body Yoghurt Aloe Vera, 80 ml

Once in a while, you want to pamper yourself. Leave the day behind and indulge in wellness. With a natural body yoghurt, you can give yourself the extra attention you deserve. The fresh, natural aromas give a enchanting perfume. Discreet, subtle and not overpowering. The active ingredients, including yoghurt and plant oils, carefully moisturise your skin, soothing any itching and irritation, and allowing your skin to relax. With a body yoghurt - with real yoghurt - you give yourself quality time while you sustainably improve, hydrate, soothe, protect and repair your skin. Sounds good, right? Enjoy your skin - be comfortable with Messinian Spa's body yoghurt.

Does not contain parabens, SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate), mineral oils (paraffin, vaseline, petrolatum), propylene glycol, silicones and genetically modified plant extracts.
Animal testing free (both end product and ingredients are not tested on animals).

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