Taygetos royal jelly Fotopoulos, 10 gr

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Royal Jelly is a creamy substance secreted by the hypopharyngeal glands of worker bees. It is meant to feed all the unfinished stages of the bee, which is why it is called "bee milk". The name "royal honey" comes from the fact that the larvae destined to become queen, as well as the adult queens, are fed exclusively on a large quantity of this food. in this royal honey is the decisive factor that transforms the bee from worker to queen. A very exclusive honey.

Physical properties

The colour of the royal is of great importance as it is an indicator of freshness and suitability. The fresh flesh has a bright whitish colour. The texture is gelatinous thick, but changes to solid over time. It is characterised by a slightly strong aroma and an acidic flavour due to its very low pH (3.5 - 4.5).

Effects on the human body

Royal Jelly helps in treating rheumatoid arthritis because of its high content of 10-hydroxydecetic acid and pantothenic acid. It helps the ageing and suffering body. Improves appetite significantly. Positive results usually appear 20 days after starting treatment. Increase and stabilise red blood cells in children with anaemia. The organism's capacity and resistance to disease are significantly improved. It is used in the treatment of chronic renal failure. Royal Jelly has been found to be a beneficial healing agent to protect scars from bleeding.

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Kind Per 100 grams
Energy 1367 kJ (322 kcal)
Fat 3.1 grams
Of which saturated 0.5 g
Carbohydrates 15 g
Of which sugar 14 g
Dietary fibre grams
Proteins 11 grams
Salt 0.1 g
BP it is a rich source of vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Its average chemical composition is: humectants 65%, proteins 14%, carbohydrates 12%, lipids 5% and inorganic elements 1%. The remaining percentage consists of various compounds such as 10-hydroxydecetic acid, γ-globulin, nucleic acids such as DNA and RNA, B vitamins, vitamin C, pantothenic acid, biopterin, neopterin, acetylcholine, genetic hormones (oestradiol, testosterone, progesterone) and others.

Meli Taygetou Fotopoulos Apiary: Akritohori Messinia Postal code: 24004 Standardisation - Warehouses Athanatou 2, Phyli, Attiki Postcode: 13341 Telephones 2725 061442 - 6972600746

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