Unique products and hidden gems of the Greek islands

Welcome to the enchanting Greek islands, where azure waters, picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture make for an unforgettable experience. Besides their breathtaking beauty, each Greek island has its own character and special products that showcase the essence of the region. Join us on a tour of these fascinating islands to reveal their unique offerings and hidden gems.
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Santorini: The jewel of the Aegean Sea

Santorini, known for its iconic whitewashed buildings and beautiful sunsets, is also famous for its exceptional wine production. The island's volcanic soil gives the grapes a distinct character, resulting in exquisite wines. Don't miss the chance to enjoy the famous Assyrtiko grape, known for its crisp acidity and mineral notes. Pair it with local delicacies such as sun-dried tomatoes, capers and creamy fava dip for an unforgettable culinary experience.

Crete: the island of culinary delights

Crete, the largest Greek island, has a rich gastronomic tradition. The island's fertile soil and optimal climate produce olives of exceptional quality. Explore the local olive groves, visit traditional olive mills and taste the distinctive flavours of Cretan olive oil. Combine it with freshly baked bread, local cheeses and aromatic herbs for a true taste of the island's culinary heritage.

Corfu: A tapestry of flavours

Known for its lush greenery and Venetian-inspired architecture, Corfu offers a culinary tapestry of flavours. The island is famous for its kumquat liqueur, made from the tiny citrus fruit unique to the region. Stroll through the charming streets of Corfu town, visit the kumquat distilleries and taste this spicy liqueur. The liqueur can be drunk pure or used to enrich cocktails, desserts and even savoury dishes.

Mykonos: The playground of the Cyclades

Synonymous with glamour and vibrant nightlife, Mykonos also has a hidden treasure in its local produce: saffron. Known as the "red gold", Mykonian saffron is highly sought after for its exceptional quality. Explore the saffron fields, learn about the growing process and discover the intense aroma and vibrant colour of this precious spice. Incorporate Mykonian saffron into your dishes and add depth and complexity to dishes such as risotto, seafood and desserts.

Rhodes: Where tradition meets natural beauty

Rhodes, with its medieval old town and pristine beaches, is home to a unique product: the aromatic honey of Rhodes. Collected from bees that feed on the island's rich flora, this honey has a distinct floral flavour and therapeutic properties. Visit local beekeepers, learn about their sustainable practices and enjoy the flavours of Rhodes honey. Enjoy it over Greek yoghurt, combined with cheese or as a sweetener in herbal tea.

Naxos: a culinary paradise

Naxos, the largest island in the Cyclades, is a culinary paradise known for its exceptional dairy products. Its fertile soil and favourable climate provide lush grazing land for sheep and goats, resulting in high-quality milk. Naxos is known for its delicious cheeses, including the famous Graviera Naxou, a hard cheese with a nutty flavour. Sample these artisanal cheeses, visit local farms and taste the authentic flavours of Naxos.

Zakynthos: the island of flora and aromas

Zakynthos, also known as Zante, is a picturesque island with beautiful beaches and a diverse ecosystem. It is home to a unique product known as "Florosima", a fragrant essential oil derived from the island's abundant flora. Take a walk through the aromatic gardens and citrus orchards, where you can witness the distillation process of the oil. Florosima essential oil is highly valued for its therapeutic properties and enchanting fragrance. Incorporate it into your beauty ritual or enjoy its soothing aroma through diffusers and candles.

Paros: the marble island

Paros, famous for its beautiful beaches and traditional villages, is known for its high-quality marble. The island's marble quarries have been in operation since ancient times, providing marble for famous sculptures and monuments. Visit the local workshops and witness the craftsmanship used to turn the marble into beautiful sculptures and architectural pieces. Take home a piece of Paros by picking out a unique marble souvenir or decorative item.

Skiathos: Herbal delicacies

Skiathos, a lush green island in the Sporades archipelago, is home to a variety of aromatic herbs and plants. The island's favourable climate and fertile soil allow for the growth of a range of herbs, including oregano, thyme and sage. Explore the aromatic trails and discover the natural beauty of Skiathos while enjoying the fragrant scents of the herbs. Bring back a taste of the island by buying locally bought herbal teas and infusions.

The Greek islands are known not only for their stunning landscapes, but also for the unique products that capture the essence of each destination. From Santorini's exquisite wines and Crete's exceptional olive oil to Corfu's spicy kumquat liqueur and Mykonos' precious saffron, each island offers a wealth of flavours and aromas. Rhodes, Naxos, Zakynthos, Paros and Skiathos also contribute their own specialities to the culinary diversity of the Greek islands.

Savour local produce, visit producers and immerse yourself in the rich gastronomic heritage of the Greek islands. Experience the unique flavours, aromas and craftsmanship that make each island truly special. And don't forget to visit our website, where you can discover a wide range of authentic products from these islands, bringing the essence of the Greek islands into your home.

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