Traditional Greek coffee

Indispensable in the morning ritual of every Greek: making or buying a Greek coffee. Everyone who has visited Greece knows the image of a full terrace at one of the 'Kafenions' at the main square. It is not for nothing that a frappé with two cigarettes is often referred to as 'The Real Greek Breakfast' 😉 .

Greek coffee at home

To give you the experience of a Greek breakfast at home, our range of Greek coffees offers a variety of brands and flavours. We also offer various tools to prepare your Greek coffee. But what makes Greek coffee really Greek?

Loumidis, our best seller

Loumidis Loumidis is one of the largest Greek coffee roasters. With their authentic blend and rich aroma, this is the favourite brand of Greeks. This is also reflected in the webshop, as it is one of our bestsellers! Besides the standard blend, there is a dark roast variant for lovers of strong coffee. There is also a variant with only Arabica beans, which improves the quality. There is also a decaffeinated alternative for those who prefer it.

How do you make Greek coffee?

When making a Greek coffee from Loumidis, an authentic Briki cannot be missing. This small coffee pot of copper or stainless steel allows you to heat the right amount of coffee to a perfect temperature, which will improve the taste and texture. Of course, you can serve your Greek coffee in a'Flitzani', a traditional Greek coffee cup. Check out the recipe on how to make the best Loumidis coffee yourself!


Nescafé Nescafé is one of the other big coffee roasters in the Greek market. Nowadays, Nescafé is a household name in and outside Greece. But the Greek Nescafé can be distinguished from a Nescafé sold here in the Netherlands. Foam components are added to the Greek version to create the perfect ratio of foam to coffee. This result is best achieved with a'Frappiera', a small automatic hand blender designed for making a 'Frappé'. This is also part of our range and is sold in different colours.

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