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Made with love and selected with care, for connoisseurs and epicureans.

Taste Greece at your home.

A bowl of fresh tzatziki or stuffed vine leaves on your table, drizzled with velvety soft oil, olives, tomatoes and oranges that reflect the Greek sun. Soft and tangy cheeses from sheep's and goat's milk. Traditionally baked sweets. The warm hand of the proud cook.

Thirty-five years ago, Ilias Kotsiris came to the Netherlands from Greece, but I never left the flavours of Greece behind. I went looking for them, but did not find them. The best products from my homeland were unknown in the Netherlands. We have now been importing Greek food and delicacies for over twenty years. We are the Kotsiris family and together we bring the real flavours of Greece to your dining table.

All products in this webshop come from suppliers we know personally. These are usually small-scale family businesses that work traditionally with recipes that have been in the family for generations. Many products are made and packed by us personally. We marinade the olives ourselves. The olive oil from our family orchard is bottled by us. All our products are made with respect for the environment they come from, so you can taste what really matters.

Family Kotsiris

De Smaken van Griekenland is a family business that imports and distributes Greek food products on the Dutch market. Restaurants, delicatessen shops, supermarkets and specialist shops are our customers. Our webshop serves the private customer.

Our Mission

We want the Netherlands to taste what our beautiful country has to offer in the culinary field. By working with mostly small-scale family businesses, we support the local economy in Greece and contribute to the preservation of traditions and family recipes. Together, we bring the real flavours of Greece to your dining table.

Our Core Values


The knowledge and skills in small-scale agriculture, olive growing, and culinary traditions have been passed down within our family from generation to generation. Good and tasty food is in our genes. With more than 25 years of experience in the catering industry, and 20 years of experience in the import and export of foodstuffs, we know exactly what to do.


In our family business, we do everything ourselves - personal attention and quality are of paramount importance to us. We are always accessible and the lines are short, to our customers and our suppliers. With our personal service, we take you into the stories behind the flavours of Greece. We combine Greek passion with Dutch punctuality. Only the best is good enough, and a deal is a deal.


We work together with Greek (family) businesses that respect people, nature and the environment when making their products. No or as little pesticide and artificial fertiliser as possible. Economical with water and energy. Fair treatment and remuneration of staff. You pay a fair price, so that we can also pay our producers a fair price.

We sell fresh and seasonal products. These products come to the Netherlands in modern and economical trucks. Based on our family values, we also offer opportunities to people with a distance to the labour market.

With love

Everything we do, we do with heart and soul. From producing our own olive oil to selecting products. We travel throughout Greece to meet our producers, and to see and taste for ourselves that they work in a responsible manner. We are constantly on the lookout for authentic stories and people who make their product with love. In this way, we can stand behind our product range for the full 100%.

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