The tastiest Greek honey

Everywhere in Greece, in every pastry shop you will see them in the display case: delicious Greek delicacies such as Baklava, Ravani, Galakobouriko and Kadaifi. All these pastries have one and the same indispensable ingredient: Greek honey. Not only the sweet taste, but also the natural healthy nutritional values make honey indispensable in Greek cuisine. De Smaken van Griekenland offers a wide range of products to introduce you to this artisan product.


Our honey comes from the Fotopoulos family in Akritogori, a village in our native region. For two generations, this small family business has been making honey, spreading and relocating their hives throughout the Peloponnese in order to increase production and taste. The hives are mainly located in the Taigetos, a mountain range in the Peloponnese, above 1000 metres where there is no agricultural activity. We saw these sites ourselves when we visited the Fotopoulos family farm in February 2022.


The Fotopoulos family honey is untreated and sold in its purest form. Much of the honey sold in supermarkets is thermally processed, which means that the honey is re-melted in order to keep it liquid for longer. Unlike this process, Fotopoulos honey is unprocessed which makes it an indispensable superfood of exceptional quality!


Besides flowerand thyme honey, in various packages, we offer more exclusive variants, which can be considered a real delicacy. Honey from eucalyptus, , pine, , orange and sage have a special flavour that is certainly worth trying.

How can you use Fotopoulos honey at home?

Have breakfast with Greek yogurt, honey and walnuts.Eat the typical Greek snack of smearing a friganiawith honey, or dissolve the honey in your cup of tea to boost your health.

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