Olive kernel briquettes

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Olive kernel briquettes

On our search for new innovative and sustainable products, I came across these briquettes in Kalamata. This product is fairly new on the market and has already won many awards for sustainability and environmental friendliness. During the production of olive oil, the stones and skin of the olives remain after the first pressing. These are taken to a factory where a second pressing of olive oil is made. The so-called Pomage, cooking oil. Here, too, the pips and skin remain. In Kalamata, this residue is used to heat lime kilns. After burning, a residue also remains. This was thrown away.

Throwing away this remnant was a thorn in the flesh of the lime kiln owner. For years, he has been walking around with the idea of doing something with it. After many tests, he discovered that if you mix this residue with starch, you can make amazing briquettes. These briqettes have an incredible heat and long burn time, without releasing smoke or smells. There has been no artificial or chemical application whatsoever.

The use:

When lighting olive barbecue briquettes, you don't need to use kindling, nor do you need to break the briquettes into pieces. You make a pyramid of the briquettes and place a piece of cotton in the middle of the pyramid. You can then light these, after which a small flame and plume of smoke will appear. Another way to light them is to put some briquettes into a charcoal chimney or use an electronic charcoal starter. The olive barbecue briquettes will start to turn red, then take on the grey colour of ash and give off heat without creating fire and smoke. Now the briquettes are ready to barbecue. To spread the heat well over all the briquettes, you can wave a piece of cardboard, for example. For even heat, we recommend spreading the briquettes well over the surface.

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