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After many requests, we now also have the tastiest and best-known olive oils from Crete in our range. The range consists of oils from different brands, all of which are extra virgin class. Try the most delicious olive oil from Crete for yourself now.

Olive oil from Crete

Crete's best-known olive oil producer is Terra Creta. They have also established their super-modern factory on this island, which is visited by many visitors to the island as Terra Creta organises fun guided tours. Terra Creta's olive oil scores very high in the global olive oil rankings. In 2021, Terra Creta came first at the Mario Solinas competition for extra virgin olive oil, after proving themselves at many other competitions. It is a wonderful company which now exports to 43 countries around the world. Besides Terra Creta, our range also offers a number of smaller companies such as Critidia & Agrelia which are also based on the beautiful island of Crete.

Health benefits of Greek olive oil

Besides its delicious taste, olive oil is a natural panacea and has many positive effects on our health. The cholesterol-lowering effect due to the many vitamins and monounsaturated fats in the oil makes olive oil lower the risk of heart disease. Besides lowering blood pressure, it is nutritious because of its many antioxidants and vitamins (E and K). With weight loss in mind, olive oil is therefore a good choice as it is a healthier alternative compared to other oils and fats.


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