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Talagani is one of the most popular cheeses in Greece. Many chefs and restaurants use the cheese in their dishes and highlight it on their menus. Talagani does not melt which makes it perfect for grilling, giving it a beautiful golden brown colour to your dishes. The cheese is also wildly popular with us, order it soon and discover its flavour!

The Greek variant of the well-known Haloumi from Cyprus. This grill cheese comes from the province of Messinia. Made from sheep's milk and lightly marinated with mint. Serve this cheese with

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The rising cheese Talagani

Talagani is traditional handmade sheep's milk cheese with a strong and full flavour. It is a kind of Greek Halloumi because, like Halloumi, Talagani does not melt when fried or grilled. This makes it perfect for grilling Talagani for a nice golden brown colour that looks great with your meal. This cheese is starting to become popular in Greece and abroad: Talagani has already won 3 awards at international competitions and many famous chefs are praising it. So you can grill talagani perfectly and use it in salads, as a snack or as a special ingredient in different recipes. It can also be eaten loose with a glass of ouzo! We definitely recommend the talagani.


Halloumi is the well-known Cyrpiot grill cheese. It is made from goat, sheep and cow's milk and can be recognised by its salty and mild flavour. The cheese has an elastic protein structure reminiscent of mozzarella. Halloumi does not melt and is therefore perfect for grilling. This way, you get a nice golden-brown crust. You can combine the Halloumi well with bulgur, pita bread, our Kalamata sausages, salads and more!

All about Saganaki

If you are on holiday in Greece, you have surely come across this dish in one of the Greek tavernas: Saganaki. The fried cheese is creamy on the inside but nice and crispy on the outside. Saganaki is made from Kefalotiri, Graviera or Kaseri. The cheese is then dipped in an egg mixture and then in flour before being fried in a pan with hot olive oil. Saganaki is very tasty on its own but there are several ways to combine this cheese. For example, check out our recipe with honey and sesame seeds or try a combination with shrimp and tomato sauce.

The Manouri cheese

Manouri is a Greek semi-soft cheese made from goat's or sheep's milk. It is a by-product of feta production. Manouri is creamier than feta but it has a salt content of 0.8% which is again a lot lower than feta. Manouri has a fat content of around 35-38%, giving it a slightly sour but mild flavour. When pan-fried, Manouri gets a beautiful golden brown colour, but you can also grill it to add it to salads. Manouri make an excellent combination with honey.

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