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The kefalograviera cheese made exclusively from pasteurised goat and sheep milk. Still following Dodoni's traditional recipe. A product with a protected designation of origin

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What is kefalograviera

Kefalograviera is one of the most popular Greek cheeses. It is a hard table cheese made exclusively from pasteurised sheep and goat milk according to a traditional recipe. The origin and production process of this cheese are protected by the P.D.O. seal of approval. This means that in the EU, only the Greek version of this cheese may use the name Kefalograviera. It also means that the cheese must always comply with the established traditional recipe and the highest production standards. For example, the milk used for production must also come exclusively from Greece and not from international imports. Kefalograviera has a characteristic, firm texture, a robust aroma and a rich full-bodied flavour. It is a cross between the Kefalotiri and the Graviera. The Kefalograviera has the spicy and intense flavour of the Kefalotiri but also the mildness of the Graviera. In our range, you will find kefalograviera from Epiros (northern Greece) and from the cheese maker Vassilitsa. Our kefalograviera is aged for at least 8 months. We definitely recommend trying this special cheese.

How to use kefalograviera

Kefalograviera is a cheese that can be used in many ways within Greek cuisine, but also in other cuisines. One of our recommended combinations is to dip the cheese in olive jam. You will be amazed by the taste. In addition, the cheese can be grated for over pasta, baked as saganaki or served with mezedes. In addition, of course, it is also good for mousaka and pastitio. Kefalograviera pairs well with red wine, traditional Kalamata sausage or with seasonal fruits such as pears, figs and grapes. Every Greek has at least a wheel of Graviera, Kefalotiri or Kefalograviera in the house for these reasons, if only to accompany his ouzo.

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