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In the middle of the Aegean Sea, near the Dodecanese archipelago, lies the island of Naxos. The 500 farmers who are members of the cooperative supply their cows', sheep's and goat's milk to the cheese factory every day. The special microclimate, the clean sea air and the varied vegetation where the animals graze ensure that some of the best Greek cheeses are made here. We are proud to offer you these cheeses.

Graviera Naxos is a Greek hard cheese from the island of Naxos. It is made from 80% cow's milk and 20% sheep/goat's milk, with a fat content of 40%. This Graviera is

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Graviera from the most famous cheese maker in Greece. Made from sheep's and goat's milk. Minimum 6 months maturation.

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Hard cheese made from sheep's and goat's milk in a ratio of 70-30 %. Matured for a minimum of 8 months. A light sweetness at the end. The cheese resembles Gruyere.

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The semi-hard graviera cheese is made using the traditional method. It is made exclusively from pasteurised cow's milk and stands out for its subtle sweet taste. Enjoy it pure, as

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Semi-hard graviera is made from pasteurised sheep and goat milk using the traditional Epirus method. It is distinguished by its special slightly sweet taste. Use it for cooking, for lunch, or as a snack with friends!

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What is Graviera

Graviera is one of the most popular cheeses in Greece after feta. It is known for its wheel-shaped shape, mild slightly sweet but also slightly spicy flavour and light yellow colour. Graviera is made from a mixture of cow, sheep and goat milk in varying proportions. The cheese is produced in many regions but these different areas each have a different influence on the flavour. The Graviera from Naxos is mainly made from cow's milk. The milk used to produce the Naxos Graviera comes from animals that live on the island itself. The animals' diet in turn gives the cheese its unique character.

In our range, you will find Graviera from different brands, all of which have their own characters. The most famous place for Graviera is the island of Naxos, which is also our most popular variety. Besides Naxos, our cheeses also come from the island of Crete. We work with a small-scale family business in Kalamata that makes very unique Graviera, and the Graviera from Epiros (northern Greece) is also special. Try and see which one is your favourite!

How to use graviera

The Graviera is a cheese that can be used in many ways within Greek cuisine, but also in other cuisines. One of our recommended combinations is to dip the Graviera cheese in olive jam. You will be amazed by the taste. In addition, the cheese can be grated for over pasta, baked as saganaki or served with mezedes. In addition, of course, it is also good for mousaka and pastitio. Every Greek has a wheel of Graviera, Kefalotiri or Kefalograviera in the house for these reasons, even if it is only to accompany his ouzo.

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