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Besides the most popular and well-known Greek cheeses such as Feta, Manouri and Graviera, we also have a number of special Greek cheeses in our range for the real lover and connoisseur.

Kaseri PDO from one of the most famous cheese producing areas of Greece, Soho Thessaloniki. Produced with the more than 100 years old family recipe of goat's and sheep's milk.

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Ladotyri is a special cheese from Mytilini made from sheep's milk. It is a PDO cheese. This cheese has been made on the island of Lesvos for a thousand years.  Has

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Kaseri, one of the well-known semi-hard cheeses from Northern Greece. Very suitable for making sandwiches.

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Mizithra, the Greek parmesan cheese. Made from goat, sheep and cow milk. To be grated over makaronia, over baked aubergines, with the bechamel of moussaka or with

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Grated cheese from kefalotiri, graviera and kefalograviera. Ideal for all kitchen applications and many recipes!

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10 delicious slices of a semi-hard cheese made from 100% Greek sheep and cow's milk. Its 4-month maturation gives it a unique flavour to your

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Kaseri PDO from one of the most famous cheese producing areas of Greece, Soho Thessaloniki. Produced with the more than 100 years old family recipe of goat's and sheep's milk.

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This hard cheese comes from milk that comes from the highland areas of Naxos. 33% sheep milk, 33% goat milk and 33% cow milk. Matured for a minimum of 8 months and full of

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Greek Metsovone cheese

Metsovone is semi-hard and smoked. It is one of the special regional cheeses protected as a product with a designation of origin (PDO). It is one of the few cow's milk cheeses with the PDO mark in Greece. Metsovone is made from raw or pasteurised cow's milk. After the cheese is made, it is cut into large strips and dipped in boiling water. This stretches the cheese until it has a supple texture that shines. The cheese is removed from the boiling water and then kneaded and pressed into large sausage-shaped moulds that are then salted in brine. This explains the famous long round shape of the cheese. The cheese is left to mature for at least five months before it can be consumed. Metsovone, with its full, rich and mature flavour, is an excellent table cheese (for with mezedes), but also delicious for grilling.

Greek gidino & Orino cheese

Gidino is a hard and yellowish cheese made from 100% goat's milk from Naxos. It is also worth mentioning that this is one of the few Greek goat cheeses that is not white but yellow and hard. Its distinctive flavour makes it ideal for a cheese slice and for people who love a gooey goat cheese.

Orino Naxos is produced with 33.33% cow's milk, 33.33% sheep's milk and 33.33% goat's milk. This results in a hard cheese with a piquant flavour that is matured for at least 9 months.

Greek Kaseri cheese

Kaseri is a semi-hard, white-yellow cheese from central Greece, made from unpasteurised sheep's milk. Our Kaseri's are aged for between 6 and 12 months to kill all bacteria. Kaseri has a soft texture and the flavour ranges from mild to piquant. It is a widely eaten table cheese often used for sandwiches, saganaki and sandwiches.

Greek ladotyri cheese

Ladotyri Mytilinis (Λαδοτύρι Μυτιλήνης) is a traditional Greek cheese with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO or PDO). The cheese is made on the island of Lesvos. Ladotyri is made from sheep's milk or from a mixture of sheep and goat's milk, where there may be a maximum of 30% goat's milk. The cheese is matured for at least 3 months, where the cheese is rubbed with olive oil during this ripening process. This makes this cheese special.

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