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The real Greek yoghurt as it should be: a nice thick yoghurt, with a fat percentage of 10%. Delicious for breakfast with walnuts, honey and a piece of fruit, but also in the kitchen to make your own tzatziki, for example.

Real Greek yoghurt. Not to be confused with Greek Style. This is real thick Greek yoghurt with 10% fat as it is eaten in Greece. Ideal for making Tzatziki,

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Greek yogurt

Yoghurt is a product created from milk that has been carefully fermented and acidified. 'Plain yoghurt' can be distinguished by fat percentages. Whole yoghurt contains at least 3% fat, semi-skimmed yoghurt 1 to 3% and low-fat yoghurt contains less than 1% fat. In some types of yoghurt, the solids content is increased to make the yoghurt thicker, creamier and more palatable. This is also the case with Greek yoghurt. More liquid is drained out, leaving a thicker yoghurt. Compare it a bit to making hangop, although this variant is even thicker. Greek yoghurt is often described in diets as a healthier variant for normal yoghurt. But if you look at the nutritional values, Greek Yoghurt still contains 10% fat, more than full-fat yoghurt in other words. However, the difference is that Greek yoghurt contains much more protein than normal yoghurt and you need this. It also contains much less sugar. In our range, you will find Dodoni and Apostles yoghurt. Dodoni is the largest producer of Greek yoghurt in and outside Greece and is known for its particularly high quality.

How to combine or use Greek yoghurt

Greek yoghurt has endless uses within Greek cuisine. The most famous is the combination with walnuts and delicious honey which can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dessert. It can also be used for smoothies, dips, sauces and more. Greek yoghurt is perfect for tzatziki as it gives a thick texture, making the dip a nice whole. So try a real Greek Yoghurt soon and discover its authentic taste.

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