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With the two major Greek holidays, Easter and Christmas, come matching traditional sweets. Below you will find a collection of all the sweets and biscuits associated with Greek Christmas and Easter.

Tsoureki, paschalia & vasilopita

The tsoureki, paschalia & vasilopita are three varieties of slightly sweet and aromatic festive breads. Each bread is eaten on its own holiday. The tsoureki used to be eaten exclusively during Christmas, although nowadays it is eaten all year round. The round paschalia bread is indispensable during Easter celebrations. The vasilopita is the bread for the turn of the year. Traditionally, it is cut with the whole family on New Year's Eve. Somewhere in the bread there is a coin and whoever gets the coin in his or her piece of vasilopita is guaranteed a year of good luck. Usually, these breads are eaten 'bare', but you can also spread it with marmalade, butter and many other toppings.

Melomakarona & kourabiedes

Melomakarona & kourabiedes are traditional biscuits for Christmas celebrations. Kourabiedes are the biscuits coloured white by icing sugar with almonds. These are my personal favourite for the Christmas party. These biscuits come in a pretty package and are great to share with family after and before Christmas dinner. Melomakaronas consist of the amazing combination of honey, walnuts and a sweet syrup. These melt in the mouth is one of Greece's most popular and widely eaten biscuits. Melomakaronas dipped in chocolate can also be found in our range for extra delight.


Chrisanthidis is an artisan bakery in Karvali, in Kavala. This bakery makes all the above products for us with great love and care. The products are prepared with 100% Greek ingredients, without the addition of any preservatives. In addition, all products are handmade. The company has been a big name in Greece since 1980, with recipes being passed down from generation to generation. We are very happy with Chrisanthidis as it allows us to offer the tastiest party products in the Netherlands. These products are only available around the corresponding holidays.

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