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Our pastas

Well-known dishes such as Jouvetsi, Pastitio and Makaronada require a real Greek pasta, making it an indispensable product in Greek cuisine. A large part of our assortment comes from Melissa, the largest Greek pasta producer. Melissa dries the Greek wheat in the field, which enhances the flavour of the product. Besides the usual types of pasta, we also offer wholemeal, organic and gluten-free alternatives. A selection of the range comes from Andritsena: a family business near Tripolis, where two brothers produce the pasta in cooperation with local farmers. The eggs and milk for the pasta come from local chickens and goats. Traditional Traganas, Kritharaki, Pastitio and Lazanaki are produced in the traditional way and bring Greece close.

The dishes

Many Greek dishes are made with some kind of pasta, think for example Juvetsi, pastitio, macaronada. In Greece, we know many types of pasta and some of them are typical for that one specific dish. Pasta is indispensable in Greek cuisine, which is why we offer as many as 40 types of Greek pasta! Pasta from Greece's biggest company Melissa or artisanal pasta from Andritsena, which one will you choose?

Melissa pasta

Melissa is the largest producer of pasta from Greece. The company makes pasta exclusively from Greek wheat dried in the fields. 100% Greek pasta, in other words! The pasta is made in a factory that follows all the rules so well that the pasta is given a shelf life of no less than five years, which is exceptional. You can find the pastas in different varieties, besides the regular variety we also offer a wholemeal, organic and gluten-free variety. So there is a pasta for everyone to make their Greek meal with.

Andritsena pasta

Andritsena is a wonderful company that makes artisanal pasta, which we are delighted to offer. In collaboration with local farmers, the company makes pasta from fresh produce without any added preservatives or chemicals. They combine a modern facility with the traditional way of making pasta. From this, a wonderful product is created that really takes you back to Greece. Try the traditional hilopites or traganas is, you will be amazed by the taste! Because it is an artisanal pasta, it has only a short cooking time, pay attention to this when preparing them.

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