Dakos Cretan bread

Anyone who has ever visited Crete is familiar with Dakos, the bread that is baked in traditional wood-fired ovens. With this Cretan, dry-baked bread you can make the authentic dish 'Dakos', with tasty tomatoes and Feta. Our assortment consists of different sizes and taste variations such as Dakos made of sourdough, rye or wheat. Traditional products like paximadia and kritsinia are also available in different varieties.

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What is dakos

Dakos is double-baked bread originally from Crete. Being baked twice gives the bread a dry and crispy texture. Like bread, dakos can be made from different grains such as rye or wheat. There are also sourdough varieties. All varieties have their own flavour. Niktaris is the company that supplies us with these artisanal products. All dakos are still made by hand and are then baked in traditional wood-fired ovens, which gives a great flavour. There are no preservatives in them and little sugar and salt is added. Niktaris tries to make Greece's tastiest dakos in the most natural way possible. In our opinion, they succeed very well. In our range, you can find many flavour variations and sizes. Small dakos for a small snack or large ones for the traditional dish dakos. Another variant that also falls under the fried bread category is the kritsini, fried bread rings with olive oil. These are very popular among the Cretan people.

What can you do with dakos

The traditional dish 'Dakos' comes from Crete and consists of the dakos bread, tomato, feta cheese and olive oil. It is a delicious combination that we can definitely recommend. If you want to make this dish, we recommend holding the dakos under the cold tap for two seconds first. Besides this traditional dish, you can also use it as toast with endless combinations. You could also spread it with one of our feta dips, for example. It is the perfect lunch, brunch or starter for your Greek evening.

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