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Lucheon of beef (halal) goes well with meals such as pasta or a salad. It can be consumed hot or cold.  

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Greek dakos and sandwich fillings

Some of our most popular products are honey, taxini and dakos. These are indispensable in Greek cuisine and in many recipes. Our Greek honey comes from the Taygetos mountains, as this is where the best honey is made. The maker always moves the hives to the place with the most flowers. Taxini is a sesame pulp that is very popular in Arabic cuisine. It is part of humus but is also used in salads, dressings and biscuits. Dakos is a hard Greek bread originally from Crete. Indispensable for the dish Dakos (bread with olive oil, tomato and feta). Our range also includes high-quality Greek jams and marmalades & other typical bread spreads such as Merenda chocolate spread.

Baking products for all Greek recipes

We Greeks love to bake and cook. Many Greek recipes call for the use of special herbs or ingredients that are difficult to obtain in the Netherlands. For this we offer the solution, in our range you will find several packages to make all your favourite baked goods. We also offer various types of flour and flours. So you can easily order the ingredients for tsoureki, loukoumades, cakes or other pastries!

Why order from De Smaken van Griekenland

We offer the best customised services with super-fast delivery leading to great customer satisfaction rated 9.5+. Our team is always at your service and can give appropriate advice, put together gifts, and provide you with help & tips regarding Greek cuisine. Your order is always carefully packed so that bottles and chilled products arrive in good condition. We pack all our orders in recycled boxes and recycled packing material and plastic. This way, we reduce our carbon footprint and also do our bit by producing almost no plastic, cardboard and similar waste as a company. Something we are proud of!

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