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As lovers and importers of Greek wines, we have searched for and tasted the best wines preferably made from Greek grape varieties during our long quests throughout Greece. Our range currently consists of more than 80 labels, from simple pouring wines to very special ones.

All our wines are accompanied by an informative video in which Ilias Kotsiris explains what the wine is made of and how it can best be paired with food. In this way, we teach you about Greek wines, and you choose the perfect wine to accompany your Greek delicacies.

Spiros Lafazanis is one of the better winemakers from Nemea. He has taken over the farmers' cooperative Nestor Wines from Pylos. Indeed, from the wise King Nestor. The area around Pylos

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100% Cabernet Sauvignon. A special rose with a limited production of 3000 bottles per year. A distinct character and very aromatic. Peach and roses predominate.  

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Tsantali rosé 12% alcohol. A fresh dry rosé made from the Xinomavro grape variety from the northernmost province of Greece, Macedonia: the land of Alexander the Great. Combines perfectly with the dishes

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Rosé from the moschofilero grape. Lantides is the only producer capable of producing this rosé from white moschofilero grapes. Light colour. Refined aromas of

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Spiros Lafazanis is one of the better winemakers from Nemea. He has taken over the farmers' cooperative Nestor Wines from Pylos. Indeed, from the wise King Nestor. The area around Pylos

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Playful wine with a velvety, balanced taste and an aromatic bouquet of blackberry and wild strawberry. From the grapes roditis alepou and merlot. The rosé is not completely

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The two grape varieties moschofilero & agioritiko give with magnanimity their beautiful emerging aromas and provide a balanced acidity to this rosé. A dry rosé with a beautiful pink

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The Greek wines

Are you looking for a nice Greek wine? Our assortment has something for everyone: from simple wines to very special ones with several years of aging. Our range of Greek wines consists of many special Greek grape varieties such as Xinomavro, Roditis, Malagousia, Assyrtiko, Moschofilero as well as the well known Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. Most Greek grape varieties are indigenous, which means that they cannot grow anywhere else in the world. This makes it possible for our Greek wineries to produce exclusive wines.


Our range includes the most famous wines from the largest winemakers in Greece such as Alpha Estate, but we also like to export wines from local winemakers to the Netherlands. This way, we can introduce the Dutch consumer to a unique wine. One of these wines is Avarino from winemaker Nestor. Extra special: this vineyard is located 20 km from our home village. We know many of the wine products well ourselves, having worked together for several years. We regularly visit the plantations and wineries to maintain our relationships and to taste the (new) wines.

Wines in Greece

Beautiful Greece offers a climate that is very suitable for growing grapes, which means that a large variety of grape varieties are cultivated. On the Peloponnese peninsula, where most of our wines come from, many wines are produced. The annual wine production here is over 1.5 million hectolitres. The history of wine here goes back to the Middle Ages: the first wine was made here about 7,000 years ago. Nemea is known worldwide as the best Greek wine region, with very good wineries.

The Greeks prefer to serve their wine from a red wine jug, a κατρουτσο. In the regular tavernas in Greece, wine glasses are not served as we know them in the Netherlands, but small traditional wine glasses. We also offer these wine cans and wine glasses in our range.

We would like to help you find the wine that suits your dish or taste. That's why we have added informative videos to all our wines, telling you more about the wines and how you can best combine them. You can also always call us for appropriate advice.


Agiorgitiko is the quality grape variety for red wines from the area of Nemea, southwest of the city of Corinth in the Peloponnese. The Nemea plateau lies between 250 and 700 metres above sea level and has a stony, calcareous soil. The history of wine making in Nemea dates back 4000 years. The name Agiorgitiko comes from the church in the village which is called "Agios Georgios" (Saint George). Agiorgitiko produces beautiful, full-bodied wines with pleasant tannins and characteristic aromas. Wines from Agiorgitiko can be matured for several years. The better ones have one year in wood and one year in bottle. Our winemakers from this area are Apostolos Lykos and Nikos Lavazanis.


After the Agiorgitiko, the Xinomavro is the most common and most drunk grape variety from Greece. The growing area is mainly in Naoussa in the province of Macedonia, the land of Alexander the Great and his father King Philip, who certainly contributed to the development of the wine culture in that area. This variety produces beautiful, light red tannic wines that can be aged for a long time. When aged in wood, this results in beautifully soft wines. Some examples within our range are Faré rebels rosé & Makedonikos Tsantali rosé

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