Our mavrodaphne features an informative video in which Ilias Kotsiris explains what the wine is made of and how it can best be paired with food. In this way, we teach you about Greek wines, and you choose the perfect wine to accompany your Greek delicacies.

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Mavrodaphne: the Greek port

Mavrodahpne is a wine with a rich history from the port of Patras. The origins of Mavrodaphne go back to 1830-1840 when Greece was freed from Ottoman rule. The great powers of the time each sent representatives to Greece to help the country after the occupation. Patras was given an English governor. He knew the principle of port, and discovered in Greece a certain grape variety with a high sugar content. This made the governor try to make a port-like drink with this Greek grape. There is also the story that this governor was in love with a beautiful Greek lady from Patras called Daphne, with beautiful, long black hair. Black in Greek is mavro. You guessed it: the wine was called Mavrodaphne, named after his Greek love.

Mavrodaphne should be served at room temperature in a port/sherry glass and can be enjoyed both as an aperitif and a dessert wine. Pairs well with several cheeses, chocolate and other sweet desserts. High quality Mavrodaphne can be aged for up to twenty years, which adds to its exclusivity.

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