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Our dessert wines are all made from the Muscat grape, a very aromatic and sweet grape. The very special dessert wines of Eos Samos wines are made on the sun-drenched island of Samos. The wines can be served after dinner, but are just as delicious at lunch.

All our wines are accompanied by an informative video in which Ilias Kotsiris explains what the wine is made of and how it can best be paired with food. In this way, we teach you about Greek wines, and you choose the perfect wine to accompany your Greek delicacies.

The nose is dominated by aromas of apricot jam and ripe melon, which express the character of the Muscatel grape in a very fresh way and hold on to the

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PDO dessert wine from the sun-drenched plantations in Patras. Beautiful golden brown colour, special bouquet, full body and a long finish. Made from the muscat grape.

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The Grand Cru is a classic vin doux from grapes from highly selected plantations on the island of Samos. Light in colour. Its nose successfully reveals its characteristics

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Anthemis is the best wine of the cooperative on Samos. Impressive dessert wine with the colour of orange and copper that testify to its years of maturing in wooden barrels. Fragrances

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Nectar is the most famous wine of the cooperative on Samos, made from overripe Muscat grapes that have been briefly dried in the sun. Many have tried to imitate it.

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A very delicate dessert wine made from sun-dried grapes. The wine is made from 85% Assyrtiko and 15% Aidani. This dessert wine has a complex bouquet ranging from

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Dessert wine made from shade-dried Muscat grapes from Evia. Three years of wood ageing produces a beautiful brown colour and a full aroma of sultanas

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The Muscat

The Greek Muscat grape is one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. This grape produces great dessert wines that are deliciously sweet. This is because this grape is also very sweet. One of the characteristics of this grape, besides its sweet taste, is its low yield. The sugar content of many grapes is too low, which results in a significant drop in the quality of the wine. For this reason, the grapes that do not meet the sugar content are not used, which leads to low production. Muscat grapes are often dried in the shade for a few days, so that the moisture evaporates and the sugar/flavour content increases. From it, light yellow and sweet dessert wines with a Muscat aroma are produced, which are fortified with alcohol to 13-25%. In addition to dessert wines, it can also be used to make table wines.

Discover the brands:

In our assortment you will find the brands Eos Samos and Loukatos. Eos Samos dessert wines come from the island of Samos in the Aegean Sea. Eos Samos makes dessert wines from the Muscat grape, including some special dessert wines that have matured for five years. Our range also includes Muscat Patras from the port of Patras.

Serve dessert wine:

Dessert wines are served after a meal at 8-10 degrees Celsius. However, it is also served before a meal as an aperitif, or during a quiet lunch with fruit, cheese and nuts. We would like to help you find the wine that suits your dish or taste. That is why we have added informative videos to all of our wines, telling you more about the wines and how you can best combine them. You can also always call us for appropriate advice.

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