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New in our range are the organic wines of the Tzivani family, from Ritsona in central Greece about 70 kilometres north of Athens. Chrissi and Jorgos Tzivani produce organic wines since 1982 from their own vineyards which cover an area of 280,000 m2. The traditional and organic viticulture together with the most modern equipment ensure that high quality wines are produced. These wines are now available at a very friendly price. Jamas!

All our wines are accompanied by an informative video in which Ilias Kotsiris explains what the wine is made of and how it can best be paired with food. In this way, we teach you about Greek wines, and you choose the perfect wine to accompany your Greek delicacies.

Organic red wine from one of the most famous Greek grape varieties Agiorgitiko. Aged 12 months in new oak barrels. A bouquet of vanilla, ripe black fruits with a

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Beautiful soft, wood-ripened organic merlot from the wine producer Tzivani. For lovers of the merlot grape. Excellent with stews, red meat, moussaka and yellow cheeses. 

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Organic wine of the special Greek grape variety Malagouzia. Fresh and aromatic with hints of exotic fruit. Excellent accompaniment to fish and shellfish.

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Organic wine from the athiri grape. Originating from the Aegean Sea. Aromatic, fresh and with pleasant acidity. Delicious with all your fish dishes.

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Organic rosé made from the agiorgitiko and cabernet sauvignon grapes. Fruity with intense aromas. Delicious on the terrace, and an excellent accompaniment to Mediterranean dishes.

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Elegant Syrah from the high altitude vineyards of central Greece. Aged 12 months in new oak barrels. Deep red colour with hints of spices, vanilla and black jam.

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Organic Greek wines

Organic wines are made with respect for nature, without the use of chemical pesticides and artificial fertilisers: organic wines are pure nature. The Tzivani company is convinced that only a living vineyard can produce lively wines, which is why they do everything they can to maintain the natural balance of their vineyards.

About Tzivani

Phaedon, the father of Yorgos Tzivani, first engaged in viticulture in 1960 and created the first organically produced wines of this winery.

In 1982, with the encouragement of his wife Chrissie, Yorgos started cultivating Greek and European grape varieties in an area of 280 hectares, in Ristona Evoia, Arma Voiotia and other regions of Greece. In order to expand their knowledge, they travelled all over the world, visited organic vineyards and wineries and acquired contemporary knowledge about viticulture and vinification. The organic wines of Tzivani Estate are produced on the family's slopping low output vineyards. This means that each vine produces one bottle of wine. The wines of Tzivani have won awards in many competitions worldwide and are therefore worthy ambassadors of Greek brand wines. The family tradition is continued by their son Yannis, the third generation, who after his studies continues the passion of his parents and since 2010 takes on the responsibilities of harvesting and making the wines.

We would like to help you find the wine that suits your dish or taste. That's why we have added informative videos to all our wines, telling you more about the wines and how you can best combine them. You can also always call us for appropriate advice.


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