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Greek wines

We are a great lover of Greek wines and grape varieties. We try to convey this love to you by making the tastiest wines from special Greek grape varieties available on our webshop. Greece is not only known for its red or white wines, many also know the retsina or imiglykos from their holidays in Greece. All wines are easy to find in our range so that everyone can find the wine that reminds them of their good times in Greece, but also for those looking for high-quality wines.

Our product range

We offer a wide range of Greek wines including the finest red, white & rosé wines, as well as special Greek wines such as retsina, mavrodaphne and imiglykos. We import Greek wines mainly from local winemakers we know personally. Most of our range comes from the area around Pylos, Kalamata or Nemea. In addition, our range also offers special wines from Greece's biggest and best-known producers. You can find all wines with us: with or without wood finish, salty or dry, complex or simple, there is a suitable bottle for everyone. We have provided every bottle of wine with an informative video where Ilias Kotsiris talks about the taste, production process and how to combine the wine with (Greek) dishes.

Why order Greek wines from De Smaken van Griekenland

We offer the best customised services with super-fast delivery leading to great customer satisfaction rated 9.5+. Our team is always at your service and can give appropriate advice, put together gifts, and provide you with help & tips regarding Greek cuisine. Your order is always carefully packed so that bottles and chilled products arrive in good condition. We pack all our orders in recycled boxes and recycled packing material and plastic. This way, we reduce our carbon footprint and also do our bit by producing almost no plastic, cardboard and similar waste as a company. Something we are proud of!

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