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Tsikoudia or raki is a strong drink related to grappa and tsipouro produced in Northern Greece. Depending on the maker, it has an alcohol percentage between 35-50%. Tsikoudia is made from the remains of grapes after the must has been pressed out. After fermentation an alcoholic liquid with a strength of approximately 5-6% is produced. After distilling several times, with or without the addition of spices, tsikoudia is finally obtained. Distilling tsikoudia in Crete is "every man's right".

How to drink Tsikoudia

Fancy a drink yourself? Tsikoudia is often drunk quietly, accompanied by small snacks. These are also called Mezedes in Greece. Some good accompaniments are squid, sardines, fried courgettes, Greek salad, olives, feta cheese and basically all Greek meals. On the island of Crete, the Tsikoudia is actually indispensable and you will come across it in every taverna and club.

How is Tsikoudia made?

The basic ingredient of Tsikoudia is the remains of grapes after wine has been made from them. These are mainly grape remains such as skins and stalks. The distillation of Tsikoudia can only take place on Crete under strict rules.  After distilling several times with the addition of various herbs, a tasty Tsikoudia is finally obtained. The herbs that are added are secret and the recipe is passed on from generation to generation. The taste of Tsikoudia can differ per producer because of the herbs or the grapes that are used during the making of this drink.

About Kreta Raki:

This story goes back to 2000 when the Diamantakis and Stamatakis families joined forces to create Ds Distillers (the company that makes Crete Raki). Both families were renowned distillers, with a rich history and impeccable craftsmanship. Today, Ds Distillers is a modern distillery in Crete, located in the heart of Malevizio, just outside the village of Kato Asites in Heraklion. A privileged location in an area with a long history of viticulture, wine and distillate production.

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