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Metaxa is a Greek brandy made from various grape varieties. The varieties used are the Savatiano from the Attica region, the Sultanina grape from Crete and the Black Corinth from sunny southern Greece. Muscat wine is made from these grapes in Samos and Lemnos and distilled twice. After that, the distillate must mature for at least three years in handmade oak barrels. The drink is then flavoured by adding rose petals, distilled water and various herbs. Which herbs they are, however, is kept a careful secret. After a long period of rest (about six months) at a very low temperature, this combination is filtered and bottled. The alcohol content is at least 38%. Metaxa has been appreciated for over a hundred years in more than 75 countries around the world. Over the years, Metaxa has developed a very tasteful range.

The most common metaxa. You drink it everywhere in Greece and in Greek restaurants in the Netherlands. Made from the muscat grape. Ripe plums, chocolate and forest fruits lead the

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This metaxa is aged for 7 years in Limousin oak barrels. Made from the muscat grape. Ripe plums, chocolate and forest fruits predominate. "The greek spirit" 40% alcohol.

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With the grand fine we enter the fine range of Metaxa. Matured for 15 years and velvety soft. In a porcelain painted bottle. Made of the muscat grape. Ripe

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The most exclusive Metaxa in a special shaped bottle with a limited production.  Distillates that are 40 years old have been used in the making of this special Metaxa.

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12 stars superior metaxa. Aged 12 years in Limousin oak barrels. Made from the muscat grape. Ripe plums, chocolate and forest fruits predominate. "The greek spirit" 40% alcohol.

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About Metaxa

Spyros Metaxa, born in 1848 in Greece, came from a family of silk merchants. Spyros was always travelling and discovered various spirits and wines from all over the world. The spirits of that time were often hard on the palate with no flavour or character, and for that reason he dreamed of creating his own unique drink that was soft yet intense in flavour. An adventurer and man of good taste, he decided to set up his own business and in 1888 founded Metaxa, with the first distillery in Piraeus (the port of Athens). At first Metaxa was compared to congac or brandy, but nowadays it is impossible to compare, and it is described as the unique amber-coloured delicacy.

How do you drink Metaxa?

Metaxa is a liqueur to be enjoyed. You drink Metaxa like you drink a good cognac, perhaps combined with a fine cigar or in front of the fireplace. The Metaxa can be diluted with ice cubes, but we do not recommend this for the Metaxa with 7 or more stars. Metaxa is also excellent for use in various cocktails. In our range, you will also find very special ones with 40-year-old distillates. These unique specimens are very suitable for special moments.

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