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Mastiha is a liqueur made from the tear of the mastic tree that grows on the Greek island of Chios. It is a particularly aromatic and soft liqueur. Drink well chilled from a small shot glass, after dinner.

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What is Mastiha?

Mastiha comes from the south of the island of Chios. Only here the mastic trees grow, from which the resin is used for this unique liqueur. The European Union has given Chios Mastiha in 1992 the status of protected designation of origin (PDO). This means that a liqueur may only carry the name Mastiha if the mastic comes from Chios. In Greece, not only on Chios, it is enjoyed as a digestive. The refreshing drink is soft-sweet with a sharp mint taste. The alcohol content of this liqueur is between 24% and 30% depending on the distillery. Mastiha should be served cold in a small shot glass after dinner. It can also be mixed in summer cocktails or used in various dishes.

Discover the brands:

In our assortment you will find the brands Pilavas and Skinos. Skinos is the original Mastiha liqueur from Chios. If you have been on holiday in Chios you have surely come across it in all the shops and restaurants. Our ouzo producer Pilavas also makes Mastiha. Their Mastiha contains real 'tears' of the Mastiha tree. It is available in a neat decorative bottle, gift box or regular bottle. Yammas!

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