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Everywhere in supermarkets and on terraces: the tasty fruit juices of Loux and Amita. Amita has many enthusiastic users throughout Greece, and is a household name for several generations. Loux started as a small company in Patras, but is now considered one of the leading soft drink companies in Greece. Naturally, the Loux juices are predominantly made of fruit of Greek origin. A special feature of the production is that Loux juices are made with water which comes from their own water source in the mountains of Patras. Bring Greece into your home with the summery flavours of the juices in our range.

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Amita is the first Greek brand that has been producing and packaging juices since 1983. Amita is still the favourite of Greek consumers today! Amita juices do not contain preservatives and can be stored outside the fridge without risk of deterioration before opening, thanks to pasteurisation and innovative paper packaging. Amita uses high-quality fruit varieties and guarantees the highest quality and safety standards for their fruit juices, which taste delicious as a result.


Delicious Loux juices, containing only Greek raw materials, are available in four delicious flavours: 100% Natural Orange Juice, Peach Fruit Juice, Apple Orange Root Nectar Juice (rich in vitamins B, C and E) and the 100% Natural Extra-9 Juice - a unique blend of 9 fruits and 7 vitamins.

The Greek fruit juices
  • Inextricably linked to the Greek breakfast: orange juice with the authentic summer flavour. Made exclusively from oranges from the Peloponnese, this juice provides us with the precious vitamin C and allows us to start our day in a pleasant and good-humoured way!
  • Loux 9 Vitamins is a natural variation which deliciously combines 9 favourite Greek and exotic fruits. Enriched with 7 vitamins, this juice gives energy and contributes to our well-being. The best way to start the day. every day!
  • Loux peach juice is the only juice made entirely from 100% Greek peaches with the addition of a small amount (but crucial for the great taste) of Greek apple juice. Thanks to the special packaging, the full flavour and intense aroma of our favourite summer fruit, the taste remains powerful.
  • Loux mixes three of our favourite fruits and vegetables, rich in vitamins B, C and E, thus uniting their nutritional components and their benefits in one juice, giving you a taste pleasure while at the same time being good for your health.
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