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The Loux company from Patras makes a series of the most famous Greek soft drinks. Only Greek ingredients and mineral water from their own springs are used to make the drinks. Very popular in Greece, and as everyone says "have a Louxaki". No colouring, flavouring or preservatives are used in these soft drinks.

Its secret is the gem-like, mastiha tree tears, solely indigenous to the island of Chios—and long sought-after by locals and foreign invaders alike for their soothing

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Taste the unrivalled flavour without ingesting calories and sugar. The natural caffeine comes from green coffee beans. This cola contains 0% added sugars, aspartame,

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The superior soft drink brand in Greece with excellent quality, strong flavour and intense carbonation. Tuborg Club Soda is the most popular option among Greek consumers and

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Loux sodas

Produced with the main ingredient of excellent quality water from Kefalovrysos and the addition of natural fruit juices and raw materials selected with strict criteria and the ideal carbonate balance, Loux soft drinks are the preferred choice of Greek consumers and enchant everyone who tries them. True to the principles of quality, purity and reliability that have distinguished Loux since 1950, the original traditional recipe has been kept unchanged, offering unique, natural and typically Greek flavours. This, of course, does not discourage responding to the needs of modern consumers and innovating by creating new taste sensations. For example, Loux launched the excellent cherry-flavoured drink ( Βυσσινάδα ): a soft drink with a fruity taste and a subtle presence of carbon dioxide, reminiscent of the sweetness and coolness of our childhood in Greece. The special thing about loux soft drinks is that no colour, flavour or preservatives are used.

Loux light

This is not just 'another' line of light drinks. Loux Light is what everyone wants to enjoy today: a soft drink with fewer calories, without losing taste or enjoyment, and without the addition of artificial sweeteners.

Loux ice tea

The renewed Loux Ice Tea line consists of three delicious flavours: black tea with lemon, peach and green tea with red fruit. The products in this line contain 100% natural sweeteners, natural fruit juices and no artificial preservatives. The composition of this line offers a choice of unprecedented enjoyment with fewer calories, without the addition of sugar and technical sweeteners, and guarantees a natural, tasty result.

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