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Traditional kontosouvli made by a butcher from the village of Oichalia near Trikala. Very special product.

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Traditional kokoretsi made by a butcher from the village of Oichalia near Trikala. Very special product.

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Lucheon of beef (halal) goes well with meals such as pasta or a salad. It can be consumed hot or cold.  

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Apaki is smoked pork fillet with aromatic spices prepared according to an ancient recipe dating back to the 17th century. Handmade processing and smoking in oak

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Traditional kontosouvli made from mutton by a butcher from the village of Oichalia near Trikala. Very artisanal product.

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Kokoretsi is a traditional Greek dish prepared mainly, but not exclusively, at Easter. Kokoretsi consists of seasoned pieces of intestines of the lamb or goat (thymus, hearts, lungs or kidneys), skewered on the spit and wrapped with intestines of lamb or goat which is grilled together. Kokoretsi is one of the most famous dishes in Greece during Easter, yet it is something you can find in some Greek taverns throughout the year.


Kontosouvli is an extra-large souvlaki of pork or mutton that is traditionally slow-roasted on a spit over an open charcoal fire. Extra crispy and extra tasty!


Traditional Greek Magiritsa (Greek Easter soup) is only for lovers of authentic Greek cuisine! Magiritsa is a unique and controversial Greek soup made from lamb organ meat and romaine lettuce, garnished with fresh herbs and finished with a delicious egg-lemon sauce. Magiritsa is the dinner prepared and served in almost every household in Greece on Holy Saturday, while the main Easter meal served on Easter Sunday is lamb roasted on the spit. The authentic Magiritsa recipe is designed to use the leftover parts of the lamb so that nothing goes to waste. Magiritsa is served after the midnight church services to break the 40-day fast and is considered the best post-fasting meal to gradually restart digestion.

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