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Indispensable in Greek cuisine: a wide range of pita buns. Serve your pita buns with your gyros, souvlaki or mezedes. All types of pita buns are sold frozen. When the pita's are defrosted, they can be kept in the refrigerator for another 3 weeks in a closed package. Preparation: bake the pita's 2 minutes per side on medium heat in a pan with a few drops of olive oil.

Handmade pita from one of the oldest producers in Greece, the Chasiotis family. after the pita is produced, it is immediately frozen. These pita breads are thus a deep

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Greece's best known and most eaten pita, now also widely available with us. These pita buns are a deep-frozen product.

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Handmade mini pita breads from one of the oldest producers in Greece, the Chasiotis family. The mini pita of 10 cm can be used for stuffing, among other things.

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Applications of Greek pita bread

Pita bread has endless uses in Greek cuisine. The most well-known and obvious are of course the pita gyros or souvlaki. Our pita bread is very suitable for this purpose. Besides the well-known gyros and souvlaki, you can also roll up kebab, bifteki (hamburger) or keftedakia (meatballs) in the pita. The above combinations naturally call for a tasty blob of tzatziki. The pitas can also be cut into small pieces and used as a sandwich / toast. Perfect for dipping in the tyrokafteri (spicy feta dip) or tzatziki. In our range you will find different sizes, wholemeal or just the regular variety and different shapes. So there is always a pita to suit your preference.

How to prepare

The Greek pitas should be lightly thawed first. After this, add a few drops of olive oil to a pan over medium-high heat. Fry for two minutes per side until the pita rises slightly, after which the pita is ready to use.

Discover the brands:

Pita Chasiotis & Pita Elviart are the brands we offer in our range. Pita Elviart has a 55% market share in Greece and makes high-quality pita breads on a very large scale. It is, of course, the market leader for a reason. Elviart makes pita rolls in different shapes and sizes for us. A very fine pita with a delicious flavour that we definitely recommend for your gyros sandwich. Pita Chasiotis makes artisanal pitas by hand in Athens. The company has grown into a successful business since 1980 and now produces 30,000 sandwiches a day. If you are looking for an artisanal pita with a distinct wheat flavour, we recommend Pita Chasiotis!

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