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The Lanaras family from Trikala is considered one of the best producers of frozen vegetables.

Radikia is one of the favourite leafy vegetables of the Greeks. The leafy vegetable is often served as an accompaniment to grilled fish and meat. Slightly bitter taste. Drizzle with olive oil and

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Big juicy and tasty peas to make arakas laderos, for example.

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Ready-made Spanakoriso. A traditional dish with tender spinach leaves, rice, onion and dill that come together in a simple, light, easy and extremely tasty dish. Ideal for vegetarians

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Pre-cut vegetables for briam. Briam is a traditional dish with mixed vegetables such as aubergine, courgette, green & red peppers, tomato, onion and potato. The Greek dish loved

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Peas, artichoke hearts, carrot and onion are a fresh and delicious combination of vegetables that stay true to the traditional Greek recipe. It is a balanced and light dish, full of flavour and easy to

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This Greek leaf spinach is suitable to eat as a vegetable but is also perfect to use for savoury cakes such as spanakopita. You need to heat the spinach briefly for

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Greek Vegetables

Greeks love vegetables. The most commonly eaten vegetables in Greece are arakas: a kind of large peas that are necessary for making Arakas Laderos. A dish with Greek peas, potatoes and tomatoes. Fasolakia (Greek beans) are also indispensable in the kitchen. These can be used for the dish Fasolakia Ladera or Fasolakia Tsaousika (a bean salad). Perhaps one of the most popular vegetables is the Radikia (leafy vegetable). Radikia is served with many Greek meals as it is the perfect accompaniment to grilled fish and meat. In our range, you will find several vegetables that are indispensable in Greek cuisine, as well as sliced vegetables so you can effortlessly put the tastiest Greek meals on the table yourself in no time. All exclusively of the highest quality.

How to prepare

The preparation of frozen vegetables is clearly stated on the packaging. We recommend defrosting the vegetables you are going to use for 15 minutes first.

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Lanaras is one of the best producers of Greek frozen vegetables. At Lanaras, they collect crops daily at the best harvest time and immediately freeze the vegetables using the best and most modern equipment. In this way, they ensure that all produce reaches your freezer in a more natural way. Barba Stathis has great greens & vegetable mixes to put Greek dishes on the table quickly. Their greens are produced with respect for nature, society and people. Thanks to the state-of-the-art equipment used, the freshness and nutritional values are preserved until you enjoy them!

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