The best Greek beers

Beers, they come in all shapes and sizes; white beer, triple, blonde, IPA, saison, cherry, weizen... You name it. But you are probably wondering which beer is the most delicious. We at De Smaken van Griekenland have the answer: Greek beer of course! Curious about the characteristics of these divine alcoholic refreshments? Then read on!

The accessible beer 'Mythos

Every Dutchman who spends his summers in Greece knows this beer. Mythos is the best-known Greek beer, which is not very surprising. It is an accessible, fresh lager with a Greek character. Mythos has been produced by the Mythos Brewery in Thessaloniki since 1997 and contains 5% alcohol. In summer, the beer is Mythos ice Definitely a must. Add a slice of lemon for even more refreshment! 

Fix, one of the oldest Greek beers

Want to dive into history? Fix is one of the oldest beers in Greece! Brewery Fix Athenes was founded in 1864 by Johann Karl Fix in the Greek city of Athens. This was the first big brewery in Greece. As a supplier to the court of the Greek king, the company managed to maintain a monopoly position on the Greek market for about 100 years. In 1983, the brewery went bankrupt. After several unsuccessful attempts to revive the company, Fix beer was reintroduced to the market in 2009. And we are only too happy with that! 

Fix beer is a smooth and subtle lager with a slight hint of bitterness. It contains 5% alcohol and is very good to quench your thirst when the Greek sun is doing its best. Are you more of a fan of special beers? Then Fix Dark is definitely a must. This dark beer has its own unique taste that definitely leaves you wanting more! 

Special from the port of Patras; Mamos 

Mamos beer is one of the oldest beers in Greece. This beer comes from the port city of Patras, located in the north-west of the Peloponnese. This beer, like Fix beer, has been off the market for a while. However, Mamos beer has been in full production again for a number of years. This lager certainly belongs in the list of the tastiest Greek beers! 

The premium lager 'Vergina

Vergina beer is a real premium lager. This beer is a little less known in Holland, but in Greece it is the favourite lager! This fresh lager is brewed in Macedonian Trace Brewery, which was established in 1996. The brewery was born out of the love for Greece, but also because of the fact that Greece did not have 100% real Greek beer in the mid 90s. 

Vergina Premium Lager is an authentic beer that is brewed according to the strictest production standards of European Pils. That makes this beer just that little bit more special. Vergina has a golden brown appearance with a clear sparkle. It has a characteristic light, smooth and full taste that makes the hearts of Greeks beat faster. This beer is therefore also the perfect base for special beers. Thus, you can enjoy the Vergina Red, Vergina Weis and Vergina Black. Βεργίνα Premium Lager 

All the above Greek beers can be found in our product range. What are you waiting for? Try them all now for a real Greek holiday feeling!

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