Discover Tselepos Winery

Nestled in the picturesque Peloponnese region of Greece, amid rolling hills and verdant vineyards, lies Tselepos Winery, a beacon of Greek winemaking excellence. Founded in 1989 by Yiannis Tselepos, this esteemed winery has become synonymous with quality, innovation and a deep respect for the land. Join us on a journey to discover the rich tapestry of Tselepos Winery, where tradition meets modernity and every sip tells a story.

Discover Greek grapes

Take a journey through the sun-drenched vineyards of Greece, where the art of winemaking spans thousands of years. From the slopes of northern Greece to the Aegean islands, each bottle tells a story of terroir, tradition and the vibrant spirit of Greek hospitality. Join us in uncorking the secrets of Greek wine and invite you to enjoy the diversity of varieties and flavours that make Greece a wine lover's paradise.

Ouzo and Tsipouro

In the sun-kissed land of Greece, where the sea breeze carries whispers of mythology, two spirits are central to the rich tapestry of Greek drinks - Ouzo and Tsipouro. Join us on a spirited journey through the origins, craft secrets and symphony of flavours that make these drinks an integral part of Greek conviviality.

Lantides Winery: Ode to elegance and tradition

In the heart of Greece's Nemea region, where sun-drenched vineyards embrace the Agiorgitiko grape, lies a winery that transcends time. Lantides Winery, a name etched into the tapestry of Greek viticulture, is not just another vineyard; it is an ode to elegance and tradition. Join us on a journey through the sun-drenched hills and discover why Lantides wines are more than a sip - they are an experience.

Loux: A sip of tradition!

In the heart of Greece, where history and tradition are intertwined, there is one name that echoes through the decades - Loux. More than a beverage company, Loux is a testament to the timeless art of making refreshments that capture the essence of Greek culture. From the azure shores of the Aegean to sun-drenched orchards, every bottle of Loux carries the stories of a land rich in flavour and tradition.

Our 15 best Greek wines for 2023

As the year unfolds its chapters, we are delighted to present the highlight of our wine journey - the 15 Best Wines for 2023. This exquisite selection is not just the result of expert opinion; it is a testament to the passion of our team, the discerning palates of our customers and the vibrant tapestry woven during public tastings and wine fairs. Each bottle, carefully chosen, is an invitation to enjoy the rich stories of Greek winemaking. Without further ado, let us uncork the stories in each bottle.

The 5 best Greek wines for winter days

As winter weaves its chilly spell, there is nothing like the warmth of a well-chosen red wine to lift the spirits. Greece, with its rich winemaking heritage, offers a selection of red wines that perfectly suit the cosiness of the season. In this blog, we explore's top five Greek red wines, each a sip of elegance and a toast to the beauty of winter.

Greencola: a healthier soft drink revolution

Greencola, the new soft drink

In today's world, where consumers are becoming increasingly discerning and health-conscious, Greencola has emerged as a pioneer in the beverage industry. This company stands for more than just a thirst-quenching drink; it is living proof of the power of innovation, health awareness and environmental responsibility. In this blog, we dive deep into the world of Greencola, exploring its mission, product range and the values that make it a standout brand.

Discover the wine paradise of Nemea

Tucked away in the heart of the Peloponnese peninsula in Greece is a wine region of unparalleled beauty and viticultural interest - Nemea. This ancient land, steeped in history and blessed with fertile soil and a Mediterranean climate, has been producing exceptional wines for centuries. Join us on a journey through Nemea and explore its rich viticultural heritage, unique terroir and the extraordinary wines it produces.

Santorini Sips: Discover Greece's unique wine region

The wine regions of santorini. One of Greece's most beautiful islands

When it comes to Greek wine, Santorini is a gem among the world's wine regions. With its volcanic soil, ancient vineyards and indigenous grape varieties, Santorini produces wines that are distinctive and flavourful, reflecting the island's terroir. In this blog post, we travel to discover Greece's unique wine regions, with a special focus on Santorini's enchanting vineyards.

Revealing the secrets of Greek coffee culture

Greek coffee is made in a Briki (copper coffee maker). Greek coffee is usually drunk from a "flitzani", a typical Greek coffee cup.

Greek coffee culture is steeped in tradition, history and a deep appreciation for the art of brewing and tasting coffee. From the rich aroma of freshly ground beans to the vibrant social rituals surrounding consumption, Greek coffee offers a sensory experience that transcends the ordinary. In this blog post, we dive into the secrets of Greek coffee culture and explore the origins, preparation techniques and rituals that make coffee a beloved part of Greek daily life.

Retsina: Discover the unique charm of the iconic wine

When it comes to Greek wines, one name stands out for its distinct character and rich history: Retsina. This iconic Greek wine holds a special place in the hearts of locals and offers a unique experience for wine lovers worldwide. Join us for the fascinating story behind Retsina, explore its unique characteristics and discover why this traditional Greek wine is worth tasting.

Alpha Estate: Discover the finest Greek wines

When it comes to Greek wines, there is one name that stands out as a beacon of excellence - Alpha Estate. With its commitment to quality, sustainable practices and a portfolio of exceptional wines, Alpha Estate has firmly established itself as one of the best wineries in Greece. Join us as we explore the fascinating story behind Alpha Estate, why you should enjoy their wines, and which remarkable varietals you should try. Get ready for an unforgettable wine experience that celebrates the richness of Greek winemaking.

Greek wineries

In this blog, we tell you more about the most popular Greek wineries!

When it comes to Greek wine, there are several names that stand out for their quality, popularity and tradition. In this blog, we explore some of the most famous Greek wineries and the wines they produce.

Discover Greek wines

Greek wines are a true hidden treasure of the wine world, yet they are often overlooked and underappreciated. With over 4,000 years of winemaking history, Greece has a rich winemaking tradition that has been passed down through generations. Despite this, Greek wines are not as popular as wines from other countries, such as Italy and France. In this blog, we explore why the wines are underrated, why they offer a high level of flavour and why you should try them for yourself at home after purchasing from our online Greek webshop!

Traditional Greek coffee

Indispensable in the morning ritual of every Greek: making or buying a Greek coffee. Everyone who has visited Greece knows the image of a full terrace at one of the 'Kafenions' at the main square. It is not for nothing that a frappé with two cigarettes is often referred to as 'The Real Greek Breakfast' 😉 .

The best Greek beers

Beers, they come in all shapes and sizes; white beer, triple, blonde, IPA, saison, cherry, weizen... You name it. But you are probably wondering which beer is the most delicious. We at De Smaken van Griekenland have the answer: Greek beer of course! Curious about the characteristics of these divine alcoholic refreshments? Then read on!

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