Traditional Greek coffee

Indispensable in the morning ritual of every Greek: making or buying a Greek coffee. Everyone who has visited Greece knows the image of a full terrace at one of the 'Kafenions' at the main square. It is not for nothing that a frappé with two cigarettes is often referred to as 'The Real Greek Breakfast' 😉 .

The tastiest Greek honey

Everywhere in Greece, in every pastry shop you will see them in the display case: delicious Greek delicacies such as Baklava, Ravani, Galakobouriko and Kadaifi. All these pastries have one and the same indispensable ingredient: Greek honey. Not only the sweet taste, but also the natural healthy nutritional values make honey indispensable in Greek cuisine. The Flavours of Greece offers a wide range of products to introduce you to this artisan product.

The new site

In January, we started the year with a renewed webshop. To make your experience more pleasant and effective, a number of adjustments have been made, and our range of products has been extended. Below is a short summary of the adjustments made: